What to wear to Frat Darties/Parties/ No one knows the theme

SOOOOOOO basically, I never figure out what I am wearing until the day of, which is stressful!! That is why I am writing this so it will allow you to be better prepared for it all, more than I ever was. Going to Ole Miss is so different than other schools because a lot of my friends that don’t go here will see my outfit and be like?????? What the heck was the theme?? My answer is always the same——– nobody really knows.

If you want some insight on what to wear, if the theme is ravey or there will be just a DJ and stuff like that, then you go all out. You wear whatever you can grab and put together (if you are like me). Honestly, sometimes the Walmart here has good stuff, you can go in the children section and find pieces that could be cut to make something cool. I can do that now, living in a dorm because everyone borrows each others clothes. It’s like having the biggest closet known to man. I will also say this, a lot of girls go on amazon a few weeks before, and decide to order some cool stuff, like a cowgirl hat for KAs Hayseed, fun/cool crop tops for different darties (I am just throwing out ideas here) or rhinestones and glitter to go all over ya body! But you can always rely on your friends to put together something crazy.

Honestly, no matter the theme here, if you just throw random stuff together, you’ll be good. No matter the theme you will totally fit right in. There is no rhyme or reason to why we do certain things here, that is why I love it so much haha!!

See what I mean, there is a girl in a hot dog costume (like I said find random stuff and if it goes cool).
Glitta all ova ya body honey
HAHAHHAA see what I mean??? That shirt I am wearing is a kids legging at Walmart that my friend cut and sowed for me really quick. And I am wearing a UNICORN headband, which is pretty dope if you ask me.

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